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VISIA™ Skin Analysis​.

The VISIA™ is a diagnostic photo imaging software system that photographs, analyzes and compares a patient's complexion to those of an in-build peer database of thousands of other results of clients with the same age and skin type. The system focuses on characteristics such as visible spots, pore size, wrinkles, texture, UV damage and bacteria on the skin. VISIA's ™ Simulate Aging tool illustrates the effects of aging and provides data on the benefits of facial rejuvenation treatments. The VISIA™ examination is painless and provides in-depth information on the quality of your skin now and anti-aging treatment planning, monitoring of the progress and post treatment results in the future.

​​FaceCo Spa

Facial treatments designed to your specific skin type needs with personalized skincare to enhance your results at home. Our Aestheticians will customize a facial treatment for your individual needs. The Visia Professional Skin analysis is complimentary with each FaceCo Face treatment. ​

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